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If anyone is searching for suggestions of how to easily make a professional job of adding a new separately fused circuit, here is my suggestion:
Try using the "Smart Junction Box". It is in the passengers footwell on the trans tunnel. There are at least four fuses there on which you can piggy-back the Littlefuse "Add a Circuit. ... -Tap-.html
To find an ignition switch-controlled fuse,just remove any conveniently located fuse with the 'tweezers inside the fuse box lid. Measure for 12v with the ignition off. When you find a 'dead' fuse socket, turn on the ignition and re-check to see if it becomes live with 12v. If it does, bingo! Use that fuse location.
The correct Littlefuse contraption for the Escape requires MINI fuses not the bigger ATO fuses ,so buy the correct one(PepBoys has them for about $8.99). They are oriented & because of the cramped situation in the Smart Junction Box, not all fuse locations are potentially usable. I have fitted at least 4 such devices on my 2005 Escape & they work perfectly after several years of use. Much better than those awful splicing devices. The Add A Circuit is ideal for low powered devices like the trigger circuit of a relays. Don't use them for high power directly.
I used them to control relays for:
*Trailer socket wiring
*supplementary trans cooling fans
*supplementary gauge lighting
* extra horn
There are lots of convenient places to find 12v power that are live even when the ignition is off. The difficult part is finding the ignition-switched source for a relay.
To find connectors, here is a good place to start: ... -and-KITS/ ... USE-LINKS/
I hope this helps.

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I like that it could come in handy someday THANKS
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