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I hope the topic is descriptive enough. If I only listened to music, I could burn some CDs of mp3s and be done with it, but I listen to a lot of podcasts. I update my listening list every week at the latest, each day and the earliest, and I don't anticipate burning a disc for each listening session, hence the need for the AUX input for my Nokia N800. I tried the Kensington FM modulator (aka iRiver modulator) and it was absolute garbage. An AUX input will eliminate the engine interference that the modulator amplified oh so well.

I've read through this thread:


Plus I've checked out other sites. It seems that my only option is to go with the PIE FRD03-AUX/S, am I right? I found an application guide at TSS audio:

I'd like to find a Canadian dealer for PIE, but so far all I can find is TSS and some eBay sellers, which PIE says they won't support sales from. The PN above states that the HU must have the 16 and 24 pin connectors. I'm guessing that that's what my deck has. Assuming I buy this expensive connector, are there instructions anywhere telling me how to pull the HU?

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