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adding oem cruise

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I just bought a 2002 Ford Escape. It did not come with cruise. Several years ago I had a Ford Focus that I added factory cruise to. I know that there is no kit for the escape, but I was wondering if I add factory components from a wrecked escape if that would work. Do the escapes all have a common wiring harness? This is a great site and any help is appreciated!!
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Welcome to E-C, and thanks for the compliments!


Here are the wiring diagrams for the 2001-2004 Escape's cruise controls.

If you don't already have the controls on your steering wheel, you'll need those, along with the clockspring. The service DVD isn't clear about whether or not the wiring is already there for all of the components, but at least you can put a list together from the diagrams.

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I owe ya one, Squish.

Let us know if you need anything else!
I did the OEM Cruise update to an 03 XLS Escape in 2005, with a lot of talking to people on escape-central.

The XLS Escapes tend not to have the wiring from the dash to the Cruise Module (All wires), and from the Engine Harness to the Dash (Speed Sender output from the ECU) in the harness. This means there is a little custom work required (But its worth it). The CLockspring does have the connectors, and they are wired back to the (in your case D/S) kick panel. The plug for the Cruise Defeat Switch (on the brake pedal) should also be there.

To do it right - You need to pick up the Speed output from the ECU in the Engine Wiring Harness under the battery, and deliver it to the Cruise Control Servo. You also need to replicate all of the other wiring for the Cruise Servo - which is available in the connectors at the D/S Kick Panel. I used some trailer wire, ran the new harness under the dash to the (P/S in the US, but our D/S) kick panel, out through the Guard with the indicator wiring, and into the Cruise Servo.

Worked a charm. If you wire it correctly the Dash Light for Cruise also works.


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Sounds wouldn't happen to have written a walkthrough guide!!! :lol:

I can't wait to do this, my wife is definitely missing cruise!

I've been messing with this off and on all summer. I know I have my wiring correct, but nothing is working.
I have power and the switches on my steering wheel seem to work ok according to the diagnosis tests. Where is the transmission sensor that the diagnosis tests refer to???
Just wanted to update and say thanks for the great cruise control servo was bad. Swapped it out and now the cruise works great!! Thanks Again!!
On long drives, I like to use my own version of cruise control....."Honey, it's your turn to drive."

Joking! :hyst: :hyst: :hyst:
Four_Eyes said:
On long drives, I like to use my own version of cruise control....."Honey, it's your turn to drive."

Joking! :hyst: :hyst: :hyst:
I like that. :lol: :thumb:
Four_Eyes said:
On long drives, I like to use my own version of cruise control....."Honey, it's your turn to drive."

Joking! :hyst: :hyst: :hyst:
The problem for me is that once I turn on that cruise control, I can never get her to turn back off. :rockon:
Want to do the same project as OP. Could someone post the diagrams again, since all I see is some sort of photobucket block image. Also if someone has done the project themselves, could you give a bit more detail about what you had to do in order to get everything working.
Yeah, Photobucket stopped allowing their service to be used for image hosting without the user paying a fee. Kind of stupid I think, since that's what their site was built on.
Bit messing around and I managed to get the diagrams. Although I can almost understand what the diagrams are telling me, I still feel like I'm way over my head here and should find professional help. Who do you guys think I should go to, auto electrician? What do you recon, how long would it take them to get this done?
Any shop you find willing to add cruise will want to install aftermarket cruise equipment. Not OEM.
They will also want to sell it to you at an inflated price with labor.

Your best bet is get comfortable with not having cruise, take the risk and install it your self with help here, or pay an obserb about of money for a feature that should have been Standard.
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Also, I'm not sure how, but Tapatalk let me pull them up. Here they are

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I´m definitely going to give it a try. Hopefully I can get the steering wheel controls (maybe even the whole wheel) and the servo from wreckers under $100. I want the cruise control, but some of the reason behind this project is also the fact, that I am quite a car enthusiast and love working on my car.

The biggest problem atm on this project for me is that I have never done wiring on a car and I need to find all the connections and parts that the wires need to go to. I have not been to the wreckers yet, but I´m hoping that while I´m there, maybe I can follow the wiring on the car and see where they are going or source the wiring from it in some way? Maybe source some plugs or if the wiring is color coded, see where one wire starts and ends or sth.

Since I have never done this sort of thing before, what sort of tools do I need for it (other than spanners etc)?
These are basic tool that are always good to have available.

Plastic trim trim removal tools. These also take out the Chrismas tree pins that fasten the harness to the body work.

Dental picks a good for changing out connector terminals.
A steering wheel puller can be rented from an auto parts store.
Digital multi meter.

Harness tape is good for wrapping wires together.
Wire Coat hanger if you have to pull wires through the firewall.

What year is yours?
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