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adding satillite radio to a 2007

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I'm trying to add Siruius satilitte radio to a 2007 Escape with a stock radio and have not been having any luck finding anything that will work.

I have tracked down the following information. The stock radio is satillite ready, it has the sat button next to the band button. Its the ACP radio with phase2 plugs. It also says audiophile and CD-6 on the front.

I found a site selling add on factory kits, however they are to expensive. I also found iSimple but they say there kit isn't compatiable with the Visteon satillite radios because they use the newer Delhpi receiver.

Are there any options out there to add satillite radio thats controllable via the factory radio? Or is my only option getting a car-satillite radio kit and using a wireless transmitter or some other means since there isn't an aux input on the radio?
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