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Adobe flash work around

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I am surmising, that a work around was improvised.

That glitchy " Adobe flash", was being difficult with 64 bit VISTA.


With 32 bit vista, the you tube clips function.

On installing 64 bit, " You Tube " indicated: Javascript is not enabled, or download Flash player. :wall:

I checked out forums to find solutions.


Some bloke mentioned, he installed microsoft " Silverlight Version 2" initially.

Then he set up adobe flash after.

The person indicated, that possibly " Silverlight" has the reliable plug ins.

I struggled , for two days with other procedures.


Not sure what files, " Silverlight Ver 3" installed on my system.

What ever they are, my adobe flash installed successfully.

Now the you tube clips can be viewed.

Someone mentioned that, ' Adobe' know their " Flash player " has issues with Vista 64 bit. :rant:
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Last time I checked, Flash will not work with the 64-bit browser. The default 32-bit browser (what you open normally unless you specifically click on the 64-bit shortcut) will still work with the Flash plugin.
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