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Ambient Lighting Samples

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I tried to get a better representation of the ambient light feature in photos for those of you who have not checked it out in person. I couldn't take to long with the car on in the garage without getting light headed. Next time I will use a long exposure with a tripod.

Light Blue "Matches the gauges"

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Thanks Rmac. Now i know what ambient lighting is. Quite a pleasant effect. :) :thumb:
No problem, it cycles through a bunch of different colors 6-7 I think.
Looks VERY nice !! :thumb:

I do not have ambient lighting and enjoyed seeing the pics.

Thank you for posting them. :beer:
Thanks for the pics :)

It's neat but not worth the money IMHO. I was looking in the paper yesterday and all the Escapes listed at one dealership listed this feature. I'd rather save the money for something else...

It's good for you if you really like the feature, but I don't care enough for it to pay the extra coin.
Shall have to ask my service tech, if that function is available for our down under market. :)
Ambient Lighting is simply the "Wow" effect. Nothing more. Needless to say it makes me say "Wow" and I want others to say "Wow" inside my truck hehe
I don't know, if I did that my friends would probably call me a ricer and punch me in the face. :shrug:
The chicks would dig it, though. :shades:
Can we punch you in the face anyways?? :D
Bad Scottie!!! :spank:
Only if I get to retaliate. :calvin:
I was waiting for the old guy to dive over the rail and spear the guy that started yelling lol
the smile on the sen's goalies face is the best
Ahhh great stuff, reminds me of some of the old wings and avs games.
Dasha said:
The chicks would dig it, though. :shades:
Oh they do ;)
the only time i use the Ambient lights when using the the USB port at night . :shrug:
never drove with it on yet , but since chicks dig it ,
i may try to keep it on from now on.. :calvin:
Squishy said:
I don't know, if I did that my friends would probably call me a ricer and punch me in the face. :shrug:
RICER - lolz
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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