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Just when you thought it was safe to (fill in your secret desire here): yep, I'm under the influence again. Random thoughts:

+ hats off to my 100+ employees in Houston, Texas. I have a call center there that does claim reporting for a Fortune 100 insurance company. They reopened MOnday morining, less than 48 hours after Ike hit. Most have no electricity or water (thank God the building does). I flew down Wednesday to see them. Every-single-one (I'm not kidding) told me, "I'm blessed - others have it so much worse". Texans are tough people. By the way, did you know that when Texas first attempted to secede from Mexico (circa 1825), they called themselves "Texicans", not "Texans"? So, you learned something today.

+ Signs of the faltering economy are everywhere - mostly curbside. Check how many newish motorcycles, boats and snowmobiles are for sale around you. Luxury items go first.

+ My choices in November are "NO-bama and the Plagerist" or "Dipstick and Lipstick". I'm voting for Bill the Cat. He's already run for President once. :bill:

+ I head to Hartford on Wedesday for a 3 day meeting. Friday night I head to Sagamore Beach, Mass, to have dinner with my parents and load my 1964 Mobylette moped into the back of the Escape. Saturday is the 500 mile drive home to Buffalo. Sunday my ex-pat (and ex-SAS pilot) British buddy and I start the rebuild. 80+ mpg moped!

+ Next weekend I begin the conversion on my MGB from single Zenith Stromberg carb (64 hp) to dual Skinner's Union (SU) carbs (98 hp).

I only hope I have enough gin to get through it all.
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