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a year back i replaced my antenna with one of those shorty 10" ones from canadian tire...

well just recently it had started to rust and wobble a bit so i bought a new one..

went to install it only to find the old antenna completely rusted to the trucks antenna holder.. the metal screw adapter they gave you was rusted to it completely.. tried using plyers to twist it out then POP the screw snapped.. really not happy with canadian tire right now.. this is second product that has damaged my truck. so i took one for the team, dont buy shorty antennas from canadian tire!

for now i had to drill out the remainder of the broken bolt and now i have to go buy a Tap set so i can re-tap the threads.. im hoping this will work.

has anyone had to replace the antenna holder yet and know what it would cost to repace? couldnt really figure out how it coud be removed to be replaced and have a feeling ford would charge a fortune to replace it..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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