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any chrome side mirror covers?

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I know some cars have those chrome or metal caps you can buy to cover the outside lights to give it that chrome look.

I was wondering if they sell that for our cars?

thanks guys... learning a ton from you escape/tribute geniuses.
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Hey guys i've seen those mirror chrome covers
over at ebay but only for escapes. Just to be sure,
can they fit the mazda tribute as well?
And also, the chrome handles....?

Thanks for the atention !
Thanks for the info on the mirros Jpark.
I'll be sure to look out for the right fit.
And about the handles? I'm almost sure
that they are the same or perhaps have the
same fit.

Let me know if I'm right or wrong.
Once again thanks for the help!!!
Alrighty then !!!
Thanks a lot !
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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