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Any performance air filters for the 09 escape yet?

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been looking but can't find nothing?
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I found a E-1009 K&N at my local store. It fits pretty good, but not perfect. It does fit inside the stock airbox. I couldn't find a listing for the 09 when I looked. Hope this helps. Mike
this filter aint even for a ford on the k&n website. I tried green filters but nothing out yet.
I said it does not fit perfect. I also said I counldn't find a listing. That was just a suggestion. Good luck.
K&N has them but only for the 2.5 ltr which is strange. I would think the 2.5 ltr and 3.0 litre would be the same ?

2.5 Ltr is part number 33-2187
205 litre is square and the 3.0 is round
Has anyone tried physically calling K&N'd be surprise how much help the vendor could actually be...
the k&n web has no listing for the 09 escape 3.0 i got a email from them.
it was a nice thought anyways lol
post a picture of the engine bay, maybe something can be thought of for a somewhat custom job! :)
The intake tube is 3". You might try to find one of those ricer type filters to fit. Mine has been working fine. It fits into the stock air box like it should and I just had to tighten the clamp down tight. Give it try, you might like it.LOL
any other dimensions as green filter seems like a wicked filter and they were asking measurment details? What brand is yours?
Ok here is all you ever wanted to know about the filter. Stock vs K&N E-1009.


End view

Stock opening

K&N opening

Diameter compared

In the truck.

If you have any more questions let me know. I'm not an expert but I play one on tv!
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great what is the diameter of the filter?
did u notice any performance increase?
Diameter is 6". I didn't notice much of a performace increase but right after I put it in the fuel milage went up about 1.5 mpg but that might be driving style. I live in a very rural setting and its hard to judge "city" driving.
What, if anything, did you decide to do?
nothing yet waiting for green filter and or k&n to come out with something. :beer:
did the k&n filter come with that silver tension ring? Does the stock filter just pull off or turn off? May get one of the filters as i can't wait anyore.
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