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Anyone have info on Lemon Laws???

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So here is my story. I bought a CPO 09 Escape 4x4 V6 on February 20th 2010 with 18900 miles. In mid March the service engine light came on. Off to the dealer I went. The dealer ordered the part and three weeks later my car was fixed. Though all was well and then my car started stalling at red lights and idling rough. Drove it for a few more days and then the service engine light came on again. Dropped it off at the dealer on Monday May 10th and was told the car needed to have the transmission rebuilt and I could pick my car up Thursday. I called Thursday to make sure I could pick the car up and they told me the part did not come in yet and the car was not ready. Awesome communication. The car was ready this past tuesday and I though all was well for the last day. Then my service engine light comes on again today requiring another trip to the dealer.

Legally is there anything I can do?? I traded in my old car, because I wanted something more economical and family orientated since I will be getting married soon. This car is turning into a total nightmare now and I fear in the future I'm going to have to dump a ton of cash into it when ill have more important things to worry about like houses and children.

To say the least i'm totally frustrated and to make matters worse a rock demolished my windshield today. Icing on the cake.
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Where did you buy it from? Was it from this dealer? You are getting all of this done under the factory warranty, correct? Did you take it for inspection yet? I know NJ changes some of it's laws recently but in the past a used car from a dealer had to be able to pass inspection of they had to pay the charges and the "Check Engine" light is an auto fail. In NJ you used to have the option of riding out the sticker or getting it inspected. I don't know if you have the option of getting it inspected right away. It was what I used to do w/ every used car. So if it wouldn't pass they had to pay and then I had two year from the date I purchased it, not what little time was left on the sticker.
You're still under factory warranty, I'd start making a stink w/ Ford Corp.
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