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Anyone interested in LED tail lights

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So I'm going to attempt to make some LED tail lights using the stock tail lights. Im going to drill holes and mount the LEDs throught the exisiting rear reflectors of the Turn signal, Reflector(unused lens), and the running/brake light. Check out the diagram. So the lights will look stock but will be LED. Im going to have to purchase some stock lights to modify since my Escape is my daily driver. So my plan is to do this and make a few sets for others. I'll probally be able to get this project underway as soon as I can find a inexpensive set of tail lights.
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Interesting... In the US we use the top reflector, amber, and the clear. Im curious what the back of the German tail light looks like. If I ever get to this project I will utilize the entire tail light.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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