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arbs' new Maverick companion

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Haven't been around these parts quite so much recently, mainly due to our baby who arrived earlier in the year but also due to the new toy :)

Maverick is sticking around, at least for the time being, as its my wifes car and is is great general transport :) however the Jeep does kinda kick it for pace and power lol. To the uninitiated its a Grand Cherokee SRT8, 6.1 V8 with 425 bhp... ample!

Its a very rare car this side of the pond, and to be honest its a bit of a novelty with what is for us a huge engine which means frightfully expensive fuel bills, but hey I don't do too many miles so doesnt affect me quite as much as it could :) Not to everyone's taste I know, and not the most subtle of cars, but I'm really enjoying it, the power, and the noise - engines like this are few and far between here. Also really impressed with the quality too, maybe not quite mercedes standard, but not really that far off considering the difference in price!

Anyway, obligatory pics...

yay or nay??
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arbs said:
yay or nay??
I say YAY!!!! :yahoo:

Very nice! :yes:
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