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Are you eating leftovers tonight?

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Not me!!! I'm turkied, hammed, and tamaled out!!
Ordered a pizza for dinner tonight. What did you have?
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We did Cheeseburgers and fries from The Eagles Nest.

After all the cooking I did for Christmas, I plan to get out of cooking the rest of the weekend. :lol:
I'm going to be eating left overs and they are going to be muy delicioso!
I had leftovers last night. And cookies and pies and cakes all week lol.

Went to good ole Zaxby's tonight for some Wings n' Things.
Papa Johns Pizza for me!
Yup... made a hot ham & swiss sandwich for dinner. Also had a leftover meatloaf sandwich for lunch... mmmmm. T'was good :thumb:

I had Tex-Mex for lunch, and chicken wings for supper!

I wish I did have some leftovers from Christmas dinner....
Well, The Wife has been hit by flu big-time, and hasn't been out of bed in 2 days.

She's not eating either, so I've had a turkey sandwich and a packet of crisps (that's 'chips' to you lot) for the last 2 days......... Thrilling............ :roll:
all left overs are gone in our house, with me and three teens, they don't last long, we've had pizza about four times. now i'm pizza'd out, watched clerks2 the other night, now i'm craving a good ol' fashioned cheese burger, may fire up girl today, and crack open the 18 pack i bought last night. :drool:
Had ravioli lasagna last night, quick, simple. :popcorn:
Yes! Lots of leftover beef tenderloin, shrimp, and taco dip.
So that's where the shrimp is!!! :D

I cornered the market. Most of the East coast went without it because of me.

I had shrimp today. So I didn't help any!
I got a jump on you guys, I had shrimp the day before yesterday... :beer:
fired up the grill, made burgers. sauteed the onions and mushrooms first, then mixed them together into the meat, add some worchestershire sauce, and a teaspoon of minced garlic, then made the patties and grilled them. we had 4 lbs. of ground beef, garlic was not overpowering. you guys can have my portion of shrimp, crab, lobster, and all shell fish, i can't eat any of that. i get volcanic indigestion :barf:
Pass it right over here, including one of those burgers!

I'll eat anything.

I had leftover pizza and half a yiros. :) It was half of a chicken yiros, which is unusual for me. I think they marinate the chicken. Slop on the garlic sauce and YUUUM! :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :lol: :lol:

It was reasonable but i am more of a lamb enthusiast. Lamb yiros with garlic, plus a carton of flavoured milk and away we go. :yahoo: :lol: :drool: :party:
hold on jp, last batch of burgers about done............ :drool:
Mmmm... mushrooms and onions... mmm...
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