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Audio upgrades in 2011 XLT

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Okay, so I'm keeping the Escape for another while.

I want to upgrade the sound system and already have all my stuff selected on crutchfield, but I have a couple questions.

1) I plan on going with the Pioneer DMH-WT7600NEX - floating 9" screen, and some Infinity speakers. I have Sync but don't really see the point of keeping it when the Pioneer radio will do it all. Plus I'm sick of pulling the Sync fuse every few weeks to rest it. All I want to do is keep the use of the steering wheel controls. I'm also aware the 3.5mm aux input and usb input are for meant for Sync but I'll see if there's a way to wire it so it connects to the Pioneer radio.

Is the Maestro iDatalink overkill then if I don't plan on keeping Sync?? Because I know it's famous for keeping factory features while installing aftermarket parts. I could just use the Axxess ASWC steering wheel kit I think instead...right?

2) I know also the upper display that normally shows radio information will go dark and maybe just show me exterior temperature and direction (north, south, east...etc). A long time ago, I saw a thread in here somewhere where someone tapped into something in order to change the information that screen showed. Anyone remember that?

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