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AudiStyle Leds (headlights)

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Hi, this is my second Post. Again, I bring to you a nice and cheap idea (like my first post: bought this 15 led strip at ebay ($4 pair):
I searched the forum and didn't find a post with this, it is ;)

It was a hard work for amateurs like me, but I'm sure that you guys can do it pretty fast ;) The configuration was simple...just stripe the ground and "parking" wires (front turn signal bulb) and join led negative with escape ground wire and the led positive with the escape "parking" wire. Turn Signal bulb have 3 wires = POSITIVE (BLINKER) - POSITIVE (PARKING) - GROUND....In this case, we use parking and ground....(you can choose BLINKER instead of PARKING...but the idea is to keep leds ON....blinker just will turn it on when turn signals are ON) is a reference picture that I found on the web (ignore the resistor tag):

And this is the result:

Later, I will post new pics ;)

EDIT: New pics...sorry iPhone was the only camera available

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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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