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Australian ZC Escape - Weekend Hacks ;)

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Well, I have my car back. Plan for this weekend is to take the Climate Control and Stereo front Panel Apart and see if I can change the colour. Interestingly enough, the ZC escapes here in Aus have Line In on the Panel, but it doesnt go anywhere.

I pulled the head unit out today, and the Line Ins are on the back of the deck : just two plain old RCA's.
The Stereo is made by Panasonic, and appears to be modular (Front panel, Rear Deck). My Deck is the 6 stack MP3 changer, and it also has CD Changer control (and then a set of CDC-In RCA's as well).

There are good options for expansion here!. Now to think about where to put the Aux in in the car.

Photos, as well as news how I go later on.

Of course, I have a backup plan. The Aus ZC (2006) escapes have silver trim, the Mazda Tributes Black (Piano - ergh). But the Escapes have Blue Back-Lighting (Ergh) while the tributes have Amber. If I cant make the escape Amber, Im going to bolt the tribute bits in instead using the escape trim panels.

I did have a really good look for the Aux power connector : on the BA/ZA/ZB escapes, there was an Aux power connector in the dash. Not on the ZC. The Aux power in the Boot is still there though.

Updates later on if Im awake ;)
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Hello Nigel! :) :happy: :welcome: :hi: Hope you don't mind this enquiry. Which state of australia do you reside in? I am only being inquisitive. But if you regard privacy and security as an issue, there is no requirement for specifics.

My dear old mum, has a different perception of me being inquisitive. :lol: Her comments are basically " Inquisitive? Yeah sure! I know you. It's more like you just enjoy being a nosy old fart ,and having a good sticky beak." :roll: :whistle: :whistle: :confused: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Queensland. Thank you Nigel and EscapeDtroy. Message received and understood. :) I like the blue backlighting in my escape. The needles for speedometer, tacho, fuel and temperature gauge are in red. I can adjust brightness via the dimmer control.

It sort of irks me, that ford left out dimmer adjustment, for the radio hi-fi / CD control panel display. At night it is a little bit too dominant. I can not dim it. When i am parked somewhere at night, half my cabin has this quite obvious blue glow. That's how bright the radio panel is. :shock:

It's not as though it is a big panel display. Bloody heck! Ford are a pain, for not having it as dimmer capable. I tolerate the situation,because i am used to it. That amber shade you are considering should be a nice effect.

What you mentioned about green, in car dashboards has been relevant for me. Yes, i had enough previous cars with the green backlights. It became quite tedious and bland. I suppose this is why i enjoy, the blue backlight theme in my escape. Just wish that ford could have engineered, the radio/cd display as dimmer adjustable. It is quite intense at night. Sort of like a blue neon that radio panel.

If it bothers me too much, shall make an appointment with an auto-electrician. I am certain he will figure a way around it, via some type of improvisation. :)
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Hello Nigel. I like that amber backlighting for the gearbox position gauge. :)
Hello Nigel. Yes, that's an interesting effect of your amber gauges, plus the climate control and radio/cd display. Very nice! :) :thumb: :shades:
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