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automatic headlights

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in my 08 escape i do not have the option on my headlight switch for the automatic headlights. my question is can i just buy the upgraded headlight switch and fix this? my escape has to have the sensors already since when i unlock my car in the day vs night my lights dont and do come on respectively. so can i just change headlight switches to get this feature or what has to be done?

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jpark said:
The automatic climate control is only included with automatic headlamps, and vice-versa, so that's why I'm surprised that there's a sunload sensor. Our Fusion doesn't have a sunload sensor or automatic climate controls, so the headlamps always light when the doors are unlocked, light or dark.
This is only true one way though - i.e., automatic climate control comes includes automatic headlights, but not the other way around. I have auto headlights on my '10 XLT, but no automatic climate control.
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