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Automatic Transmission Fluid Change - Australia

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Hi guys

Understand that this is a mainly US forum but I've seen a few Australian users around.

I've been experiencing some hard gear shifting* in my 2005 escape auto at 85000kms lately so I'm thinking of changing the ATF . Manual states ford MIII standard but no luck in finding an exact match. I've called up a dealer and they said they use Dexron. So i'm wondering if what ATF have been used if anyone have had theirs changed lately.

thanks in advance!


*note: I had a post about hard shifting together with high rev some time back but a reset of the ECU fixed that. now its just hard shifting in the lower gears.
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Just had my fluid changed at the dealer today as it was very dirty at 45000km. I found out that mine does not have a filter. :confused:
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