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Automatic Transmission Fluid Change - Australia

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Hi guys

Understand that this is a mainly US forum but I've seen a few Australian users around.

I've been experiencing some hard gear shifting* in my 2005 escape auto at 85000kms lately so I'm thinking of changing the ATF . Manual states ford MIII standard but no luck in finding an exact match. I've called up a dealer and they said they use Dexron. So i'm wondering if what ATF have been used if anyone have had theirs changed lately.

thanks in advance!


*note: I had a post about hard shifting together with high rev some time back but a reset of the ECU fixed that. now its just hard shifting in the lower gears.
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Hi SUVord

hard shifting in my case is more of abrupt shifting. when starting from stop with average force on the accelerator, it'll start and rev up to almost 3000rpm and then a jerk when shifting to the next gear. I usually lift up slightly on the accelerator after the initial press in order for it to shift smoothly. Everytime i try to accelerate gently I'll most certainly encounter this problem.

when its traveling on the road and it starts to go uphill, it'll first lose speed first (about 5km/h if at 60km/h) before it downshift a gear with a slightly longer jerk. (this could be normal for the 2.3l engine?)

and oh, if no ATF change was done before up to 85000kms (all log book service records so far, no mention of ATF). flushing is strongly not recommended I presume?


SUVord said:
Can you be a little more specific as to "hard gear shifting".Hard as in prolonged or hard as in abrupt.
Like christofphera said Dexron is ok to use and is identical to Mercon which is not made any more.
CAUTION:You have to follow the exact procedure for the oil change in order to end up with a complete change and not a partial one.
christophera said:
G'day Techie,
I did a bit of research and Dexron seems to be the go.
Unluckily for me, I didn't really get the chance to see how it went because the transmission failed and has now been replaced with a recond unit.
Hi christophera

sorry to hear about that. what was the mileage when it failed? And Dexron would be Dexron or DX-3? any brand to recommend too?

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