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Automatic Transmissions.

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The reasons i enjoy my automatic gearbox are: Therapeutic. It is quite relaxing not having to manually change gears. The leg does not become tired. If automatics are for lazy drivers then so be it. I enjoy being slack. My auto transmission provides multi tasking. :) :lol:

With one hand on steering wheel, the cd disc is inserted. Or i can change radio stations. The hand is kept on wheel so that windows can be adjusted. I set up the climate control with spare hand. Please keep in mind, that all of this is done responsibly while concentrating on road. :lol: While driving with one hand, my spare paw can manipulate the flavoured milk carton or a soft drink :)

The other limb is conveniently used to partake of a snack while driving. This could be slices of pizza, fish and chips or whatever. :peace: :shades: :popcorn: :) :lol:
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resq51kmg365 said:
The reson I got a 04 Escape over an 05 or above, is I like the shifter on the column (even though it is obnoxiously long) instead of by the E brake.
FYI, the 08 E/M/T have a parking brake pedal now, no emergency brake handle to clutter up the center console...with the center mounted shifter. :shrug: My wife was looking for the handle in the middle as her last two cars had the e.b. in the center. When I told her it was a pedal on the left side like her Crown Victoria and Exploder she was not a happy camper. ;-| She would have liked the shifter on the column as well... :whistle:
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