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Automatic Transmissions.

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The reasons i enjoy my automatic gearbox are: Therapeutic. It is quite relaxing not having to manually change gears. The leg does not become tired. If automatics are for lazy drivers then so be it. I enjoy being slack. My auto transmission provides multi tasking. :) :lol:

With one hand on steering wheel, the cd disc is inserted. Or i can change radio stations. The hand is kept on wheel so that windows can be adjusted. I set up the climate control with spare hand. Please keep in mind, that all of this is done responsibly while concentrating on road. :lol: While driving with one hand, my spare paw can manipulate the flavoured milk carton or a soft drink :)

The other limb is conveniently used to partake of a snack while driving. This could be slices of pizza, fish and chips or whatever. :peace: :shades: :popcorn: :) :lol:
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i prefer a manual, but with a bad knee and back i think i will be stuck with a machine doing the work for me. when i was younger and not so "smart" i could drive my little 4speed escort with my left foot hovering the clutch the right foot using the gas and brake, and my right hand shifting and applying the parking break all while usually smoking a cigarette. dry pavement and i could slide that car sideways hehe.
i prefer a column shift because you get more room in the console.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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