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Backup Cameras

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Any yall's with fancy kenwood (or other) h/u running backup cameras? Where mounted? Inside/Outside?
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Glad to be of help and happy it is working out for you. Mine is still going strong! ;)
Squirrel said:
MaStMaN2005 said:

Squirrel, Ok I'm trying not to get OCD on this project to get the rearview camera working. But just a little more help and I think that I can get this working! The above wiring diagram, I digested from the link you provided me about the NOVITA RL44 relay. Does this jive with your installation? Did you connect your Boss REVERSE wire (mine's PINK) AND the CAMERA +12v to Post 87? I know where to attach Post 86 (BLACK/PINK wire). Can you recall the wire (Color Code) for Posts 85 & 30? [What wire(s) did you tie into?]. Did you attach with a "y" from one (1) +12v IGN switched source wire or two (2) different wires? I think I've answered my previous questions but if you can clarify this I should be a go.



This is what I did, per jparks excellent instructions:

If you don't want to get involved with electronics, you can also do this with a small 12V relay (I only mention the electronic method because there are no moving parts to wear out or burn out). Run the same wire (tapped into the BLACK with PINK STRIPE wire under the driver-side scuff plate) to one side of the relay coil. Run the other side of the relay coil to the same +12V used by the camera. Connect the COMMON relay contact to the same +12V. Finally, connect the NORMALLY OPEN (NO) relay contact to the AVIC's reverse input.
Some pics:

Sorry to be such a bothersome but this is driving me crazy and i've been trying to figure this since this morning. I followed this diagram and wired the two 12v together black and pink to the left, and my camera power and video cable twisted those together and put it to the top one. I turned the car on and its still always on. It never came on when in reverse before but it does now, but its still always on. I have a Chinese radio which came with the camera so i don't have the polarity options or anything like that. I was wondering if someone could help out with this . Im also wondering if there is anyway i can just do this at the reverse light, so i could save some time and not have to add extra wire to the camera to make it go back to the back lol . thanks to whoever can help!
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If you have a '01-'04 Escape then you have to run the extra wire. :yes:
Did somebody able to solve the back up camera on when in park and the key is on accessory.
Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you
MaStMaN2005 said:
Hey Squirrel,

THANK YOU very much for the installation instructions for my 2002 Mazda Tribute (ford escape) backup camera hookup. Wanted to follow up and tell you it went very easy and performs perfect. Only difference was that I mounted the RELAY up in the dash by the BOSS BV9386NV head unit. I ran the PIN 86 lead to the Black/Pink (reverse wire)[connected @ Mazda's Fuse Block w/ T-Tap connector], PINS 85 & 30 I connected together and attached to the +12v ACC lead @ the head unit, PIN 87 I connected to the PINK (reverse lead from HU) wire, which also is connected the red PWR wire encased in the VIDEO cable running to the backup cam. Then at the rear (passenger side) tail lens I grounded to the chassis the - side (black) camera lead and attached the + side (red) camera lead to the other end red video encased wire. All WORKS GREAT ! Can't thank you enough and appreciate your patience.

Thanks for the info this worked out great for me on my Ford Escape Limited 2004
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After lots of help from Squirrel, I was finally able to complete the install of a backup camera in my 04 Escape. Here's the wiring diagram that I made. Maybe it will be helpful for someone else. Since I had run the wires from the head unit to the rear tailight area before realizing that wiring 01-04 Escapes for a camera was a PITA... I pulled a +12v acc wire from the fuse box and ran it to the relay.
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