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Bad Gas Mileage

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Hello, I am new to the forum!

I have an '01 Escape that is creeping up on 230k miles. I love this truck and have had it for about 5 years now. I have noticed that is suddenly has horrible gas mileage. I used to get around 2xx miles a tank, now I am getting 180 miles or so a tank. It has had a tune up within the past two years. Is there a common problem with these trucks with gas mileage? I am going to be changing fuel filter, air filter, and oil this weekend for maintenance. I change oil every 3k miles on the nose. Any common sensors that go bad? I just don't want to be playing the changing-sensors-hit-or-miss game. Thanks!
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I took a few mileage readings from my log. I keep track of fueling as well as the repairs/maint work.

Last Summer, June. Tires : OEM Continentals. Mostly highway driving, I got 19.855 MPG
Last Summer, July. Tires : Dunlop RVXT's. City driving, mostly commuting between home and train station, meaning these are very short trips, I got 15.205 MPG

Last summer, during August. Tires : Dunlop RVXT's.
Strictly highway driving, maintaining constant speed 100-110 kph, I got 21.519 MPG
City/Urban driving, varying speeds, I got 18.264 MPG

What do the numbers mean? Really no idea. I mostly keep track of them. I really can't complain about the mileage I'm getting. I drove a subcompact before I bought my (used) Escape and I was getting roughly the same gas mileage from the almost 20 year old sub-compact.
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