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Bad Gas Mileage

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Hello, I am new to the forum!

I have an '01 Escape that is creeping up on 230k miles. I love this truck and have had it for about 5 years now. I have noticed that is suddenly has horrible gas mileage. I used to get around 2xx miles a tank, now I am getting 180 miles or so a tank. It has had a tune up within the past two years. Is there a common problem with these trucks with gas mileage? I am going to be changing fuel filter, air filter, and oil this weekend for maintenance. I change oil every 3k miles on the nose. Any common sensors that go bad? I just don't want to be playing the changing-sensors-hit-or-miss game. Thanks!
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Sell Sell Sell. My 2003 just blew up. 6 months ago the mileage got real bad. ends up the MAF sensor was dirty. I cleaned it, gas mileage went back up to about 18 city, 23 hwy. but months of bad gas mileage (running too rich) clogged up my cat. converters. at 107000 miles (last week) it blew the plastic air plenum to bits with a huge backfire. repair estimate? 50% of the vehicle value. I loved the car, but when I bought it there was no history on the vehicle. bad things start happening about 100,000 miles. sell it before it blows and get some money back out of it. :mad:
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