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Bad week, but Happy Ending (Hopefully)

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I've had a bad week. A few days ago I hit a stray black cow that was in the road on my way to work before daylight. (There were several cows in the road, thank goodness I only hit one of them.)

The Escape is pretty beaten up but I think it's going to make it. The owner of the cow settled and I got money to have it repaired right away. I have a super body shop I go to, and I know the owners and they do great work.

I believe the brush guard helped, I drove away, and am driving it now with a taped up headlight and a patched turn signal. No obvious engine or drivetrain damage, not a wobble or a drift to be felt, still runs smooth down the road. The guards supports bent, I had a little concern that they might go into the radiator, but they appear to be built to give way and bend upwards instead of pulling out of their bolts.

Most of the damage was to the body panels, darn cow also sideswiped me and got my rear door a tiny bit and a big dent in my rear quarter panel. Liked to have pulled my tail light guard off, thankfully those bend easy and it just bent back and didn't damage it.

I'm very happy it can be fixed, for a while there was talk of it being totaled and I was pretty upset with that idea. I'd like a new vehicle sure, but my Escape being lost wasn't part of my plan.

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Oh wow, sorry to hear!! Poor Escape (and cow)!! Hopefully your Escape's boo-boos will be fixed really fast and all will be well! Glad you weren't hurt!!! Cheers to great weekend! :beer:
Oh wow! Very sorry that happened to you. The main thing is that you were not hurt.
I'm glad that your Escape can be fixed.
Wow, that stinks for all concerned. Glad you are ok. Out of morbid curiosity - how is the cow? My uncle once hit a cow with a VW Beetle (this is back in the 1960's). He spent 3 weeks in the hospital. The cow survived the collision but had to be put down due to its' injuries.

We blame my uncle...driving while 'born stupid' should be a criminal offense.
Thanks, I'm glad it wasn't worse than it was.

10kpharo said:
Out of morbid curiosity - how is the cow?
Actually I don't know, it left the scene and after that I don't know if it fell up out of sight or was still in the little herd of cows running loose. I'm inclined to believe it was in the little herd and while I'm sure is injured didn't immediately become disabled.
Sorry to see that. Glad you're not hurt and the Escape can be fixed. I hope next week is much better.
Sorry to hear about your collision. :rant:
I ordered a bunch of parts, I'm making some upgrades while I'm at it. I intended to do them myself but I'm going to have the body shop do some of the work on a separate tab since they will be in there anyway. I'm getting the stock fog lights and new and hopefully better horns. (Hi/Low tone Pair, 130db)

Found a brush guard looks like it's identical to mine from the photos, and found the same Westin AUX lights for the light bar. I got a spare Westin Light, the other one is broken but should still work if it can be re-attached to it's mount. Either might be handy if a rock busts one of my new ones.
HOLY COW :lol: At least your ok and the E is gonna make it.
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