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Balance Shaft Delete 2.3L

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So, I've been all over FJ (FocalJet) and their members rave over the BSD (Balance Shaft Delete) for the Duratec 23. It knocks twelve pounds off of the rotating assembly, and should help with the acceleration characteristics pretty nicely. The Ranger's 2.3 doesn't have the Balance Shaft, so I'm not worried about the engine's life over it. The question is, which 2.3 do we have? I'm trying to find that out before I order the part.
Also, my exhaust arrived, and my springs are on the way!
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I wasn't aware that the Ranger engine was different from ours. But it must be somewhat different as the 2.3L is what they have offered the past couple years, while the E/M/T, and Focus have the 2.5L.
What kind of money are you talking about investing in the BSD? Or for that matter, what kind of horsepower gains do you hope to realize? For more performance on the four pot I'd look at using a low pressure turbo. Say, under 6 pounds? It'll get you more go for your money, it's free horsepower relatively speaking and fairly light. A little poundage never hurt anyone, especially since these SUVs (or any other) are not the lightest machines to begin with.
Yeah, Z28's can be loud. Fast? Idk about that. What year is yours?
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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