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Balance Shaft Delete 2.3L

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So, I've been all over FJ (FocalJet) and their members rave over the BSD (Balance Shaft Delete) for the Duratec 23. It knocks twelve pounds off of the rotating assembly, and should help with the acceleration characteristics pretty nicely. The Ranger's 2.3 doesn't have the Balance Shaft, so I'm not worried about the engine's life over it. The question is, which 2.3 do we have? I'm trying to find that out before I order the part.
Also, my exhaust arrived, and my springs are on the way!
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Here's some reading over on fordfusionclub:

If I was in warranty, I wouldn't do it. Also, the E/M/T 2.3 is also different from Fusion (iCVT?).
escape05xls said:

seems like it as our stated output is 151hp and I dont recall the escape having VVT which the mazda does, milan/fusion do as well (being the revised newer 2.3)
..and there is a large difference felt in power between the 2. I had both at the same time: 07 Mariner fwd 2.3 vs. '07 Fusion fwd 2.3. There was a huge difference in power (felt) between them. A lot of it was also due to the tranny (4 spd auto vs. 5 spd auto). The weight was nearly the same (within 100lbs).
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