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2006 Escape XLT V6. 37,000 miles in the 4-1/2 years I've owned it.

I have a Scan Gage II installed, and recently (since the end of the summer) I notice that battery voltage is low (12.2-12.9 VDC) while the car is running. I have never been stranded.

Factory Ford Motorcraft battery. Red Eye.

I've charged the battery. No dice. Still 12.2-12.9 while engine is running.

I've used a 300-amp jump starter battery. The charging system still doesn't put out the 14.2 VDC I should be getting when the engine is running. (I would think the alternator would be putting out 14.5 VDC all the time, regardless of battery condition, unless these things have gotten brains...)

I am beginning to think it's the voltage regulator / alternator.

Any recommendations? I was going to replace the battery this winter anyway, as it is getting up on age. But maybe it not just the battery.

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