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Battery Pack Temperature Tolerance

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Has anybody experienced any problems with battery pack functionality or lifespan at low temperatures? Also, does anybody know if there is a integrated battery heater available as an option? Thanks.
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I also live in Alaska, and am very interested in just how much the MPG drop offs will be. Part of my reasoning for possbily buying a escape hybrid is for part of my monthly fuel savings (My DD bronco get ~10mpg) to help pay for monthly payments. Basically meaning I might pay an extra $200 month alltogether, but be in a brand new, sweet pimped out escape.

A 30mpg escape will get 3x my current fuel millage.

A Gas escape at 20mpg would only be 2x, but it is significantly cheaper... decsisions decisions... It all depends how my money situation works out this summer, and if I can get my X-pin, but I would LOVE to drive a black limited hybrid :)P
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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