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Battery Pack Temperature Tolerance

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Has anybody experienced any problems with battery pack functionality or lifespan at low temperatures? Also, does anybody know if there is a integrated battery heater available as an option? Thanks.
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You did not mention where you live (cold weather) and what year your Escape is. The battery pack looks below:

Yes there is an internal hybrid battery heater. BUT..if requires option 41H to work with the engine block heater. There is a thin electrical wire that comes out of the hybrid battery pack and runs thru firewall, into the engine compartment and ends under the radiator coolant bottle. The engine block heater (option 41H) has wire that connects to this location and thus to the electrical outlet to provide heat to the hybrid battery heater. When the hybrid battery heater is COLD, it will perform a series of charges and recharges in an attempt to warm itself. Your gas mileage drops significantly when the hybrid battery pack is cold. When it is cold it doesn't accept and release electrical amps as fast as when it is warm.

BUT wait, there is more, early in the 2008 model year, FORD Motor company made a change and no longer provided the wire from the hybrid battery pack to under the coolant reservoir bottle. You might be out of luck if you have a 08 or newer version. See below for what the newest vehicles look like:

Hope this helps.
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There is software that activates when the battery pack's temperature becomes too low. The software will cause the hybrid battery to undergo a short series of charges and discharges in an attempt to warm the battery. Lightly holding your foot on the brake (look at the assist/charge guage)and/or pumping the brakes is another method. The battery pack is insulated from the cold but prolong exposure will lower the internal temperature of the battery pack. Cold temperatures means the battery pack will not readily accept charging or produce charging (amps). Your fuel mileage will suffer in the cold weather months.
To go into Electric mode, your FEH vehicle needs a radiator (fluid) temperature of at least 154F, engine cylinder head temperature of 184F and hybrid battery pack temperature of at least 48F. All these values have been obtained from use of a scanguage II hardware--3rd party vendor. In general there is a one mile per gallon (USA Value) loss per 10F drop from an outdoor temperature of 60F.
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