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Ive got an 02 Escape with the V6. Lately I've had kind a scraping noise intermittently from the belt/pulley system. Also, you can see the belt waving back and forth so obviously something is amiss. Last week, I replaced the tensioner assembly and put a new belt on. This however has not solved my problem, and the issue seems to be getting worse by the day.

With the belt off I noticed the pull on the a/c compressor had bit of play, which could be why the belt is not running straight, but I do not know if this is normal. Also, the clutch fan tries to engage while the car is running and spins for a second or 2 every few seconds. With the a/c ON it does it more, but never catches.

Is it possible to change/tighten the pulley/clutch fan on the a/c without discharging the coolant? or am I looking at a whole new compressor.


THANKS in advance.

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