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The tiltle translates to " French for starters " She is speaking both languages. Benny Hill is trying to latch onto her, and he is not achieving much. She is thwarting all his attempts. But she gives him a kiss ,at the end of this comedy sketch. I would not have a clue what she is saying in french.

But i comprehend the german easily enough. Sorry if some will not be able to understand it. Hello Lupo116!. Just thought i would submit this clip. I suppose they produced this sketch, in other languages to give it a certain atmosphere.
:lol: :lol: :hyst: :clap: :thumb: At the intro she carrys on with ' Guten Abend ' = Good Evening. As Benny waits by the door, she says ' Er ist mein freund ' = He is my friend.

Poor bloke. He is busting for a kiss. She says ' Einen Dicken Kuss ' = A great big kiss. I used to follow this series, in my junior years when, " Meine Liebe Oma" was alive. Missed this episode. If my dearly loved grandma had seen this comedy sketch, she would have had a good laugh.

:lol: :beer: :) :happy:

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