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I got an e-mail from the post office today that my PO box was full. I don't use that box for any regular mail, just for electronic parts or for anything that I want delivered so that it doesn't sit outside or on the deck if I'm not home. I haven't checked my PO box since the middle of June, so I went to the post office to empty it out.

BC sent me two of his CDs (Cohesion by Designs Of Chaos). I remember giving him my PO box address a while ago, but I didn't know that he had sent me anything.


I'm listening to it now. If you like Lamb Of God, you'll love DOC. And DOC has a better drummer.


I'm going to lend one copy of it to one of my friends who works in radio here, and I know a few other people who know some people who know some people who know some people who know some people in the record biz.

I won't make any illegal copies of it. BC deserves better than that.

Now I'm waiting for BC to rough me up.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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