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Bit Size for Rear Disc Brake Caliper Bolts?

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Hopefully, this is a simple question. I looked at the 2005-2007 Brakes "How-to," but the answer isn't there. Does anyone know what size bit I'll need to remove the caliper bolts for 2005 rear disc brakes?

When I tried to do the front brakes last month, I found out that the front bolts are NOT metric... the size is somewhere between an 8mm and 9mm Allen bit, and I think its 11/32. I ended up having to pay someone to do it because time was limited, our apartment complex isn't the best place for DIY repairs, I'd spent the entire weekend trying to find the right size (and failed... really stunk because I had a 7mm first--the size needed according to the "other" site--bought a full set of metric bits that didn't include a 9mm bit, and bought a 9mm bit... having to jack up the Escape with the supplied screw jack, remove the wheel, crawl underneath, and replace everything each time), and no-one stocks Allen bits in the 11/32 size (so I couldn't even try to see if that was, indeed, the correct size). When I had the fronts done, they showed me the rears (trying to get me to add to the order). Unfortunately, the left rear pads are wearing unevenly, so the outer pad is almost gone, and the inner pad has a huge chunk missing. Also, the shop was no help in the quest to determine the exact tool needed because they said they had a 9mm Allen bit filed-down to fit (I think they just didn't want to tell me because they want to do the work for $$$).

So, I'm hoping that the rear caliper bots are a different size than the fronts... perhaps something a little more common (and maybe in my toolbox). I'm graduating from law school in three weeks and can't start my job until Jan 2010 (darned economy), so I'm looking to save money (and I normally prefer doing my own work anyway). Also, my wife and I are moving in with her parents for the "delay" period, so I'll have a nice driveway to work in, instead of the apartment complex.
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UPDATE: So, I finally got around to replacing those rear pads & rotors (in my nice, new garage). They were squeaking from the wear indicators, so it was time. Turns out, the caliper bolts for the rear are 7mm, just in case anyone is searching for this in the future.

It was a pretty smooth job (as brake jobs go). The only "hiccups" were: (1) the upper bolts are only accessible with a normal L-shaped allen wrench. There is too little clearance between the caliper and the shock to get a socket and wrench in there. (2) the rotors took a little "persuasion" with a rubber mallet to come loose. I guess 80,000 miles of midwest winters creates some nice "natural adhesives" (rust).
Thanks, I added the bolt size to the How-To.
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