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Bringing wire through firewall

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I have to drill (another) hole through the firewall for my VSS wire for my new head unit. I cant find any grommets that are small enough to sit tight against the 18g wire. Does anyone have any ideas what can be done? Should i just tread it through the grommet where the automatic shifter cable comes through the firewall? (that's the spot where everyone says there is an available grommet, but with my 2004 XLT it has the shifter cable for the 2004 automatic steering wheel shifter.)
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You can usually just share one of those existing grommet points, and make do. Those things are flexible enough to take more wire or you can drill a tiny hole through one of the edges of grommet.
Thats what I did and it worked great. the pioneer 90bt is freaking sick! I have it all hooked up and bypassed it, The Fit and finish is beautiful. Looks like it came with the car. Ill post some pics!
Yep. The only thing I wish I had was a gloss-black stock-looking dash kit. I had to make do with the Metra matte-black variant, and it definitely doesn't look as good.
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