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Building Custom Flowmaster Exhausts

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Hey guys:

So I've decided after seeing the options of the Gibson exhaust and the Magnaflow and the prices of the two, I will be building my own custom exhaust in combination with a flowmaster 40 series muffler. If things go well I might be building kits for people upon requests.

I do not like the sound of the Gibson exhaust and the Magnaflow exhaust is way too much to spend, I don't need stainless steel. Exhaust paint works just fine. I will be posting up pictures once it's done and possible even a video.

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My exhaust system is now on the Trib and is all welded up, the whole system is 2.5" including the new high flow cat converter. I went from the flange before the Cat all the way back to the tailpipe with a 2.5" system. It sounds awesome and has no drone on the high way.

I will not be making a kit as there is too much custom work involved, I will say that if you have a welder and a cutting grinder, you will be able to do this yourself on a weekend. You have to cut the hangers off the old exhaust and also cut the flange or flanges depending on if you want to be able to take it off or not. I re-used the flange in front of the cat so it's bolted on there and the rest is welded...if for some weird reason I need to take it off I can just cut it off and weld it back together.

I hope this helps out the hands on guys out there.

Here is a list of parts I used.

1 - Cat Converter: Magnaflow Part # 91006 $63.27
1 -Walker Exhaust 47974 - Walker Straight Exhaust Tubing $32.39
1 - Flowmaster 42541 - Flowmaster 40 Series Mufflers $69.95
3 - Dynomax Performance 41957 - Walker Exhaust Pipe Connectors 2.5" to 2.5" $3.25
1- Dynomax Performance 41441 - Dynomax Mandrel-Bent Elbows 90 degree $20.95
2- Dynomax Performance 41437 - Dynomax Mandrel-Bent Elbows 45 degree $17.25

All bought from Summit Racing.

I will post pictures and a video when I have time.

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