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cammusdarrach is now appearing on a new BBC1 Police Drama

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Been working on a new BBC1 drama show, to be broadcast in early 2010 as the 9pm highlight Police Drama show.

It's called "Five Days II", and stars Surranne Jones (Coronation Street), Anne Reid (Dinnerladies), and David Morrisey (Dr Who), amongst others.

I appear as a Policeman ( :lol: ), and a bystander, at the moment, and this is my largest role to date..

BTW, this is still supposed to be top secret, but vanity has got the better of me :)P

Will post a few piccies asap.

Oh, the Maverick will also make an appearence too, amongst the police cars, all of which have been supplied by Citroen, Kia and LDV.

I've even managed to get the wife and kid's screentime as well :yahoo
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If you have any programme or memoribilia, could you autograph it and mail it to me? How about your personnal favorite reciept? NO-No...I know. How about a photo of you that's autographed? ;)

Head getting any bigger? :yes: :tease: :shock:

I'm kidding of course...Really glad for you Camus! Good for the wife too! :thumb: :thumb:
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