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Can I add a stock Sirius receiver to my OEM HU?

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Hi all,

I'm sure this has been covered on here before, but I couldn't get any results from the search. I have the stock MACH 300 stereo, with the CD-6 Head Unit, and I know that it has both a SAT button and an AUX button. Can I get a factory installation kit and receiver/tuner for Sirius from Ford and plug+play with the stock HU? If I can do this without needing a seperate control module on the windsheild or the dash, or an aftermarket deck with Sat control, that'd be great. I'm going to try and avoid overhauling the stereo in this vehicle as long as I can, as I'd rather spend the money in the resto and customizing of my other truck...

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Yes, you can. The module needed is easy to find on E-bay for around 60.00 I bought one for my Zune and it will also except sat. receivers. Just pay close attention to the descriptions to make sure you get the right one.
I like the options of the interfaces made for an Aux or the ones made to put Sat Rad into the stock head unit. I see that there are companies that make XM modules that connect direct to Factory Ford radios like ours in the 05-07 Escape...thing is, I want Sirius!

So, I have a few options...I could locate a newer factory head unit, and get harnesses, or get perhipherals for my current stock deck, or get a stand alone Sirius kit with the controller, OR, just give in and buy an aftermarket deck with a direct connect port on it for a Sat Receiver AND have USB/iPod integration (I don't care about the iPod stuff, as I don't have one, and refuse to buy one).

Thanks for the link and the suggestions!
One thing to remember also is that Sirius and XM are currently in the process of merging together. Eventually you will be able to enjoy both services without changing your equipment. That may be something to consider if you can only find equipment for XM.
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