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C17chief said:
It's for harsh/erratic shifts on vehicles made before 11/25/2009

I know the text of it, but I cant find the figures that it refers to for build dates of the lead frame. Also if it isnt too much trouble, maybe even the part # for the lead frame, and really would be awesome if a list price or something came with it.

I'm beginning to think that maybe a bad circuit or this lead frame is what is causing my transmission to be pretty quirky. Only down side is for the symptoms, it says MAY give such and such codes, which I think translates into no codes no issue to a lot of dealers. If mine falls in the affected range I will try pushing for that. If they pass it off, if it is a relatively inexpensive part and not an excessive amount of work and/or involve special tools (keep in mind I am an aircraft mechanic so when I mean excessive I mean drastic like majorly pulling stuff apart and not excessive as in someone with no ability doing anything more then an oil change) I may just try to order the part and slap it in myself just to satisfy my own curiosity.

I dont see much of anything on the net about this, but the couple mentions I have are from Ford techs telling escape owners with almost the same complaints to look at getting that TSB done.
I just got it but attachments aren't allowed here. I did a copy/paste from the PDF but it's messy, mixed up, etc., one data chart didn't transfer well. If PMs are allowed, give me your email address and I'll send you the complete PDF file.

2010 Fusion 2010 Milan
2009-2010 Escape 2009-2010 Mariner
Some 2009-2010 Escape, Mariner, 2010 Fusion and
Milan vehicles equipped with a 6F35 automatic
transmissions and built on or before 11/25/2009
may exhibit diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) P0720
or P0722 DTC harsh engagement or shifts or starts
in 5th gear from a stop. These conditions may be
caused by an open circuit in the output shaft speed
(OSS) sensor or the main control lead frame
Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the
Figure 1 - Article 10-1-7
a. If the build date matches one from the table,
1. Check the condition of the transmission fluid. replace the lead frame and the OSS sensor.
(Table 1)
a. If the fluid dose not smell burnt, continue to
Step 2 and follow the repair procedure to Lead Frame Parts Not To Be Used
diagnose the OSS circuit Build Dates Build Dates Build Dates
b. If fluid smells burnt, follow normal Work 09184 09229 09235
Shop Manual (WSM) diagnosis to repair. 09185 09230 09236
09186 09234 09237
2. Follow WSM, Section 307-01A for Escape and
Mariner or 307-01B for Fusion and Milan. (1) When replacing the lead frame, inspect
Perform pin point test (PPT) steps C through the build date on the new part. Do not
C7. use a lead frame with a build date
listed in the table.
a. If instructed to replace the OSS sensor in
PPT step C7, proceed to Step 3. b. If the lead frame build date does not match
one from the table, only replace the OSS
b. If the PPT does not lead to replacing the
OSS, this procedure does not apply and
proceed with normal diagnostics. PART NUMBER PART NAME
3. Check the build date on the lead frame. (Figure 9L8Z-7H103-A OSS Sensor
1) The lead frame build date is a Julian date. 9L8Z-7G276-A Lead Frame
The first two numbers are the year (09) and the
next three numbers are the day of the year.
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