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Cast removal

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For those who have had casts in the past, understand my pain. I recently had ankle reconstructive surgery on my right ankle, and for 30 days I've had a cast on. This morning it was removed, and I was put into a removable AirCast. For the last few weeks I've been inconvenienced with carpooling and getting rides places (sometimes involving letting others drive the Escape) and I was happy to be able to finally drive myself around again (The motorcycle was a viable option when the weather was good)... Now that I'm mostly good and able to itch when I want, please just take a minute to be grateful for good health and such. I basically grabbed the same style brush you would scrub down your deck prior to sealing it and scrubbed my foot in the shower for 10 minutes. The Endorphins that I felt throughout my body can only rival that of every drug in the world mixed together!!!!

Be thankful you can scratch the itch if you need to, even after the doctor says "no itching, and that means using coat-hangers, screwdrivers, etc".
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I broke each ankle three times (fat, klutzy child), my right thumb, various fingers and had reconstructive surgery on my right foot, all as a kid/young adult. Casts are zero fun. In fact, I had a slipper type cast for my foot that I was able to just slip my foot out of. Back on it went for Dr's visits and such. Turns out the surgery didn't take too well......wonder why.

The worst was having an oh so slight fracture in my leg one summer back when I marched drum corps. Doc said it could break clean through at any time. I didn't listen, but thankfully it didn't break and healed after tour. Hurt like a bitch, though.

Glad your cast free! :yahoo:
stone said:
How agonising is the itch?
Unbearable, especially when you have to sit out the rest of the basketball season on the bench!

Hell, I sat the bench with two good ankles! :D

Seriously though, it is quite's always way deep in the cast where absolutly nothing can reach it. And if you do manage to fashion a 'scratcher' with say a coat hanger, there is so much moisture in there, your skin just rips and flakes away. Making it even worse after the initial 10 seconds of pure ectasy. :lol:
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