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Just a simple 40 channel CB rig..

Realistic TRC-479 40 Channel Radio and MIC.. $15
K40-- K30 Antenna /w coax.. $20
Cigarette lighter power converter.. $2
Also have a $25 dual external speaker box (2x5") that i'll throw in for $13 if you buy all of it.
((ALSO: $7.00 shipping USPS.. I will NOT ship any radio equiptment UPS))

Just took all of these items out of my Escape within the past 3 days and everything works. I was getting about 30 miles distance on the interstate and roughly about 5 through town.. But I do live in a town sorrounded by mountains. The radio talks well for what it is.. The K30 antenna is in good shape.

The only things I know of that I would want to know about if I were buying this:
The one spot on the coax has electrical tape on it from a spot where it was being worn down from the hatch opening and closing.. And the radio has 2 screws missing from the casing.. I didn't find either issue a problem when I was using this set-up.
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