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Center Console Removal 2008-2011 Escapes

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Does anyone have a guide for the current generation Escapes to pull up the center console? I want to do the USB2 hack, but I'm afraid of busting something in the process.

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Is there a secret or trick to removing the console finish panel (item #4 on the diagram)? I have a 2011 and have tried pulling it straight up and it will not budge. I'm not being a wimp, but at the same time I do not want to bust it.

Thanks Urbangrunt,

Tight? You got that right! I did get it finally though. Part of the problem was my original technique (I wasn't pulling in the right spots) and I was also able to start it by gently prying things loose using a 2-inch putty knife with the blade wrapped in a couple layers of gaffer tape to provide some protection. No cracks, no pops, no errors. Have a good one.

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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