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Anyone with a 2008 and newer E/M/T should and probably have already realized that the screen for the center display SCRATCHES very easily, And before this happens to you, you should put some sort of clear film over it to not scratch it. THIS ALSO GOES FOR THE CLEAR PLASTIC on the SPEEDOMETER.

I clean all that with those anti-static anti-scratch clothes, you know the ones that come with the OAKELY glasses. Even with that being used, there are "RUB" marks on the plastic. On my previous FORD models cleaning the speedometer plastic could be cleaned with paper towels and no problem

so dont use paper towles or cotton towles for that matter. Use the micro cotton stuff.
Cause I am going to have to replace mine and the wifes plastic eventualy


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Yeah my center display has 5 or 6 little scratches where the Temp is, its from where I had sat a Garmin Nuvi up there when I drove across the country, I was beyond pissed.
It sounds to me like Ford is getting Cheap I'll keep me 03
The key to keeping plastic clear of scratches is not the softness of a cloth. Grinding dirt into the plastic is the cause of the scratches. Rubbing a dry cloth over a dusty plastic lens will practically guarantee scratches.

If you use a clean, wet microfiber cloth and very little pressure (no rubbing) to remove the dirt, then dry the clean plastic with another clean microfiber cloth and very little pressure, you won't get scratches.
Yeah I use the microfiber clothes for intrument panel, but you can tell in the right angle that there is a RUB showing. So even using soft clothes doenst really help. I ran my fingernail on the side of the clear plastic and wouldnt you know, it scratched. It wasnt a hard press I was testing how hard i would have to push to show a mark and when I started I pushed very very lightly and it scratched . On my wifes FOCUS the detail guy at the dealership used a paper towel ( i would guess) to clean it and can see deep scratches.

I am just suggesting put a clear plastic film to avoid scratches.
Are you sure there isn't a plastic film on there? I've seen some of those static-cling protective films used for shipping and installation applied very neatly for some reason, and those scratch easily.
Nah, I bought it it new and it still has the over bearing plastic film on i and I took it off.
to get scratches out of the plastic display lense try using a silicone spray with a micro fiber cloth i used it on mine worked great if you let it sit and than rub it in gently it fills in the scratches on almost anything plastic I also used it on our focus head lights it had a bad scratch on the one side worked great use it all the time we also us it at work on the plastics bubble windows in street sweepers the stuff i have is called LUBRICONE2
PS the more you use it the more it fills in specaily on clear plastic
Cool I will use that cause the other day I was opening my collpasable sun shade, when it opened it hit and scuffed up the plastic. So I will try that if not DOES ANYONE HAVE A PART # for the PLASTIC PEICE, I doubt it cause its part of the whole electronic display.
Sorry to say it, but you're right. It's part of the module.
Just as another FYI in addition to my other post

On our Edge, we were able to have just the plastic piece quoted. May not be the same for the Escapes.
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