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Chrome Roof Rack?

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I bought an 08 escape back in august and have noticed i don't have the chrome on my roof rack!!

i've searched online to find some but can't
anybody have any ideas?...
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Limited Escapes get what looks like plastic silver trim that goes on the already-there side rails.
vupilot said:
Anybody found a source for the chrome roof rack trim that the limited's have? It looks like the chrome roof rack trim on the limiteds would be something that just clips or snaps in place but perhaps not since it is hard to locate this trim on the internet. I would like to get this for my 2011 XLT which has the larger chrome wheels so I think the roof rack needs the chrome look as well. Thanks.
Junkyard or at retail price through a Ford Parts Department.

If you want the latter, I can find the part numbers for you.
timothyjay2004 said:
Someone posted on here before (I think it was in the Escape Mod Pics?) that they had picked up chrome film that goes on with 3M tape at advance auto or auto zone for like $20 and were able to achieve the same look.
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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