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cold air kit?

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i read thru some of the threads about this and it seems that from the factory it already has a cold air intake? on my 05 escape v6 it looks like the air is drawn in from behind the headlight, away from engine heat. am i missing something or couldnt i just install a hi flow air filter and get the same results?
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I'm not knowledgable of the specifics of '05's. I've got an '07 which is different apparently (I have a similar post right now asking about my '07). Factory airboxes are designed to a large degree to lessen or eliminate induction roar and resonances. To meet noise police requirements. In general, they tend to be more restrictive than they should be to meet these standards. The fact that factory systems are usually designed to bring in cool air from outside the engine compartment is good, but not the issue here. Detroit has been doing this since the early '70s, when underhood temps started going up. Reducing restriction is the true issue. When looking at my '07 I can clearly see definate points of restriction in comparison to the airbox on my mom's '09. Since her motor is rated at about 40 more hp, I'm betting this is part of the reason! I put an AiRaid oiled-gauze filter in mine already, and haven't noticed any difference in mileage or power. At least I don't have to replace it any more...
I think AFE makes a basic system for your vehicle.
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thanks, im not sure what i will end up doing, but will post if do anything
i want better gas milage and a few extra horses wouldnt hurt either
The cheapest way to do it is to drop a K&N filter in and then cut the front of the silence open. This is located in behind the fender well plastic and is a black plastic contraption which is connected to your airbox tubing. I used a dremel to cut off the front of it to get air flow into this instead of it just being a "chamber". You will see what I mean once you get it out. I also added some washers and another home-made mod to get the modified silencer to seal off better through the sheet metal to the tube above.

My next mod will be to find some 3" tubing somewhere and replace the factory plastic piece with that.
I don't have any pictures, I will take some once I do the 3" pipe. It's pretty cut and dry though, just remove the screws in your fender well towards the front of the car and there are 3 on the bottom, then you can peel the plastic back towards your wheel and then there is 1 screw holding in the "chamber" or silencer. Take it out and cut the front open except the part that has the rubber piece attached to it. It's simple to do, just take the screws out of your fender and take a peak, you'll see what I mean.

I got my xcal and with this combo I noticed a little gain. I wanted to know if you guys mess with any settings for your xcal, I posted another thread about it and would appreciate if you guys post your modified numbers. I still don't have an exhaust system yet and I'm assuming that once I get that, it will make more of a difference because right now I barely notice anything except firmer shifts. I think once I remove most of the exhaust restriction, then things will breathe better.
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