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cold weather - shifting and mpg

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2 quick questions relating to weather....

Tranny shifts late very often now that cold weather hits. When I bought the escape late May they said it did not need the software update. Any ideas?

Also, my MPG has tanked. From 24.8-26 mpg to 22.9-23.5. I expect some dip as I run the car sometimes to warm it up for a few. Is this due to oxygenated fuel? I can't seem to hit all 5 bars on the MPG graph when driving.

Otherwise cranking at 8700 mi. :)
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Something else that has never been brought up about gas mileage and power; altitude. Different altitudes affect gas mileage and power. Example: I get better gas mileage at sea level than I do at an altitude of 3900 feet. I also have more power at sea level, due to the density of the air. Higher altitudes have less air density.
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