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cold weather - shifting and mpg

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2 quick questions relating to weather....

Tranny shifts late very often now that cold weather hits. When I bought the escape late May they said it did not need the software update. Any ideas?

Also, my MPG has tanked. From 24.8-26 mpg to 22.9-23.5. I expect some dip as I run the car sometimes to warm it up for a few. Is this due to oxygenated fuel? I can't seem to hit all 5 bars on the MPG graph when driving.

Otherwise cranking at 8700 mi. :)
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What Domain said!
In the winter is normal for the mpg to fall as has been described in another thread some time ago.
fotojack said:
Something else that has never been brought up about gas mileage and power; altitude. Different altitudes affect gas mileage and power. Example: I get better gas mileage at sea level than I do at an altitude of 3900 feet. I also have more power at sea level, due to the density of the air. Higher altitudes have less air density.
How very true!!!
On the average, every 3000ft of altitude results in 10% of power loss!
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