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I customized the look of the last gen 3.0 4wd Mariner , first with headlights (think infiniti fx35 X mariner)with custom Led lighting ,changed up the fog lights ( to round think range rover) and custom grill inserts. All those things are already done( pics after I get rims) Now I want to know my options for tails can the 05 to 07 mariner brake lights interchange with those aftermarket lights for an escape? and for reference this is the last car I completed (78 chrysler cordoba 360 v8), so I know what I`m doing :

the head lights are white hids for driving and in park mode turn to blue leds

I did everything to that vehicle myself , anyway so I dont want to unveil the mariner till figure out what I am going to do with the taillights and the perfect rim combo (22s looks great but harsh ride/20s better ride less style)
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