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Computer annoyances

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It's due for a format and re-install. Have not done it for a year. Periodically my relation uses it. When he has been on it, i noticed it becomes glitchy. Even though the relation is a brother, i get exceedingly disgruntled. :rant: :wall: :cuss: :censor: :box: :lol: :lol:

Installs programs without my consent. Everything is back to front, and all types of errors. I am not, being selfish as it is my laptop. Just not keen on him using it. :box: Anyway the XP restore disk performs everything.

Some of the things i find are quite irksome. I will notice an item thats odd. How the bloody heck, did he manage that? What's that frigging thing like that for? :rant: :rant: :lol: I sort it out eventually. It does not take hours, but i go to a lot of effort, fixing his shocking stuff ups. Glad i don't have to , re-configure every square inch of operating system. But it almost feels like that.
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Stone remember that it is better to be pi**ed off than pi**ed on expessily in cold weather. As for your Lap Top Cut him off and don't let him use it at all. :shades:
Ah I see, why dont you make two user acccounts? One ADMIN and one user with minimum privleges (ie limites or no downloads, system changes, etc)
oskerb said:
Ah I see, why don't you make two user accounts? One ADMIN and one user with minimum privileges (ie limits or no downloads, system changes, etc)
not a direct quote.... i fixed up the spelling mistakes :tease:

i second that suggestion. when i was on a course a while back i used to let my room mate use my computer, and he couldn't download anything LoL.
YOU GOT ME :bust:
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